Landline Converted to VoIP?

18 08 2011


Check this out.


"The service, which will offer unlimited domestic calling for $19.99 per month, lets home or small business customers use a landline phone to connect to Sprint’s wireless network."

Landline to connect to wireless network?  Cool!  But note this:

"Verizon Wireless launched a service highly similar to Sprint Phone Connect back in February. Verizon calls its offering Home Phone Connect and it, too, offers unlimited calling for $20 a month by using a device similar to the one from Axesstel that is free with a two-year contract."

I still have landline as I do occasionally use landline for TTY Relay Service and to communicate with relatives as our Internet does have high speed broadband Internet.   This is something I may check into if it is really cheaper and reliable.  Any of you used that?  If so, your feedback, please?    

eyes open & thumbs up,

Ed Bosson

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